Engineer + Photographer

Video Portrait

Project Description

This is a documentary style video portrait. Eric is a hardware engineer, also freelancer photographer. He keens on watching sport games, and taking pictures during the ball games. He said, there are always interesting and unexpected moments valuable to be captured. The video shows one of Eric’s typical picture capturing day in a baseball game. 

The storyline was created after the footage shooting stage. This is not the normal video generating process, but worked well for this time. Before the game day that I am going to shot footages, I rarely have any idea what would happen, and what I will get in that day, although I have had talked and interviewed Eric in advance. As Eric mentioned, there are always surprises. I shot more than two hundred footages, and finally had this short video done.

The equipment that I used in this project are a DSLR camera and a tripod. And the software I used was Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition.

My role:

-Video editor

Full Video