Project Description

This User Management System was designed for the administrator to manage users using Crypto Exchange services. It helps to increase the overall securities as it focuses on a "need to know" basis. It provides the administrator with the control of users' access to the trading activities.


To understand the requirements, I had a meeting with administrators who are in charge of user management and the engineers who also need to access this control platform. These were primary needs from them:

  • Able to view users' activity history;
  • Able to find a specific user by searching;
  • Able to check a particular categorized group, such as deactivated accounts;
  • Able to take actions to a specific account, such as deactivate it;
  • Allow taking immediate force log off action.

Design Process

Determine Content

After the meeting, I determined the features based on the understanding of requirements that potentially meet the expectations of administrators and engineers.


Then, I researched related products and got inspired by how they solve the design problem similar to the features determined above.

Design Decisions

After some exploration and iteration, I came up with the following wireframe to gather feedbacks.

Final Design

What's Next

Administrators and engineers tested the prototype and confirmed that features met their needs outlined initially, yet further requirements require real-world field testing. After the user management system goes live, additional feedbacks would further drive product improvement. Real-life utilization provides more valuable information that optimizes design decisions.