Project Description

Onboarding is not merely equal to sign up an account. Yet that's not what I'm going to talk about in this project. What I wanted to talk about is designing a unique and complete process that not only guides a new user to finish a sign-up process with basic product knowledge, but also fosters user interest to further explore the product.


USDOfficial was a newly launched product; thus, the onboarding process is particularly important. My goal of designing the onboarding process was to obtain genesis users and get them acquainted with the product.

Design Process


In order to achieve the goal- getting users on board. I cut this mission into three pieces:

  • "Lure" them to make a start;
  • Educate them what the product is all about;
  • Guide them to the next step and start using the product.

After studying onboarding user flows for several products on Page Flows, I came up with some ideas for USDOfficial. A call-to-action on the landing page is a good start for "luring" users to click. A short motion graphics video can promote the product more efficiently than graphics or words. While maintaining a strong user interest, I kept guiding users users to accomplish KYC (Know Your Customer) before participating in financial activities after they have some knowledge of the product. Then, they can start from there.

Design Decisions

Then I decided to include five steps for user onboarding, and created the user flow.

Final Design