Li-Ning Badminton Category System

Motion Graphics

Project Description

Li-Ning Company LLC is a Chinese company which makes athletic shoes and sporting goods. The company endorses a number of athletics and teams, both in China and around the word. 

It was my pleasure that having this opportunity to work with Li-Ning. The animation was created for introducing Li-Ning new products and new category system. It played in the conference in Beijing, China, and placed in different marketing platforms. I worked closely with product manager, learned about products, conducted the story, created the storyboard, wrote the scripts, drew the graphics, edited the music and the voiceover.

Similar to the website design, in order to make a successful motion graphics, I tested the storyboard time by time, making sure that the story telling is smooth, and easy to understand. 

My role:

-Motion graphics designer

Demand and Goals

I had meeting with product manager, and learned about the demand of this project. The images showing below was the way that I categorized each lines of the badminton rackets and the four different play styles under each lines. 

Li-Ning badminton rackets have an existing classification system. In order to provide a more straightforward image of the product to customers, Li-Ning decided to reclassify and rename all the series. There are three lines of badminton rackets: Turbo Charging, which is designed for players with rapid attack and strong defensive skills. 3D Calibar, which is designed for players who are looking for maximum power with bigger smashes. Aeronaut, which is designed for players who are looking for the best control with little to no sacrifice in power. To meet every badminton player’s needs, each series includes 4 racket categories that cater to four different play styles: DRIVE, COMBAT, BOOST, INSTINCT. The new line of badminton rackets is also distinguished by a numbering system. The Turbo Charging series uses a 2-digit numbering system. The 3D Calibar series uses a 3-digit numbering system. The Aeronaut series uses a 4-digit numbering system. The first digit determines the grade of the racket. If the first digit is 1, 2, or 3, the racket is suitable for beginners. If the first digit is 4, 5 or 6, the racket is suitable for intermediate players. If the first digit is 7, 8 or 9, the racket is suitable for advanced players. 

My task is to tell the above story to existing Li-Ning badminton racket users and the potential users through motion graphics.


I had script ready first, and started with sketching out each shot by hands.  And then I put script and shots together, furthermore, added a background music to it. Until the project manager confirmed that everything is on the right track, I created each shot digitally. 

Full Animation

English Version

Chinese Version

Video Clips From the Conference


Whether it is a website, an APP, or motion graphics, testing is always a key to making a successful product. When I felt that the story telling was clear enough, and then I let people who play badminton to view my first version motion graphics, they felt confused and could not tell what the story was telling. So it took me sometime to reproduce the motion graphics because of modification made based on testing result. Now, I pay much more attention to testing when I design.