Project Description

As a financial activity platform, USDOfficial designed KYC (Know Your Customer) system to verify the identity of its users. The process takes a few steps without seeing the person. And the purpose of doing it was to avoid potential risks of illegal intention for the business relationship.


The main goal was to establish the user’s identity at the time of enabling financial activities, such as deposit, withdraw, trade, and make payments.

The KYC procedure that I designed was mainly deal with B2C, and the organization users need to contact USDOfficial directly and process KYC manually. Because USDOfficial is a product with high profits and high risk, AML and risk assessment are the top priority. It requires the user to provide the necessary information and photos for analyzing personal identity.

Design Process


First of all, I identified there were four scenarios that KYC is required:

  • Sign up an account
  • Redeem USDO back to fiat currency
  • Transfer tokens to other platforms from USDOfficial
  • Trade tokens

After indicating scenarios, I outlined the key user flows, showing the experience of how to accomplish the KYC process, and all possible verification status that a user would expect.

Design Decisions

By following the user flows, I created low fidelity wireframes to determine the arrangement of content on each screen.

Final Design