Project Description

IMO Ventures, Inc. operates as a venture capital company. The Company focuses on investing in technology, software, and communication sectors. IMO Ventures serves customers in the United States and China. For this project, I worked directly with the IMO Ventures' partners, design the entire website as a solo designer, and collaborated with engineers.


The designing of IMO Ventures's official website focused on experience rather than functions. Thus, the main goal was to establish a full site experience that provides an understanding of IMO Ventures through showcasing invested projects and the latest news.

Design Process


FI have been given the content of this website. So the starting point of this project was managing the content and create a sitemap.

Design Decisions

The visual design of this project is the primary task. I extracted visual identity elements from the logo and created a mood board. (IMO Ventures doesn't have VI book for me to follow with.)

Because IMO Ventures focuses on investing in technology, software, and communication sectors, I tried to create a feeling of modern and future, thereby providing people a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Final Design